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Profit From OFFSHORE Suburban Sprawl

As I travel across the country and meet with investing contemporaries, a comment I often hear is how much the communities they grew up in have grown and how much development has taken place in such a short span. “If only I had gotten in on the ground floor of all this suburban sprawl, I’d […]

Remove Your Investments From Outside Forces

With everything going on in the world with the Ukraine situation and rising gas prices, it’s easy for Americans to feel helpless or feel things are spiraling out of their control. Many wonder how they can continue to afford to continue to drive to work. Some wonder if their jobs will be in jeopardy soon […]

 Wealthy Investors Invest In What They Know

When asked why he didn’t invest in technology stocks, Warren Buffett famously replied that he didn’t invest in companies he didn’t understand. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t invest in technology companies. ​​His company Berkshire Hathaway does have large stakes in Apple and Amazon. Still, those companies are less like companies such as Google, Twitter, and […]

Travel Trends Investors Should Know 

If one of your guiding investment principles is to invest in demand, you should pay attention to current travel trends. With the Omicron variant waning, travelers are poised to hit offshore destinations in droves. So, where are they heading? ​​The Caribbean consistently tops travel surveys for travel this spring and in 2022 as a whole. […]

Small Country But Busiest Air Routes

The reopening of the world to travel post-COVID is attracting plenty of tourists and air travel to Belize – a country in Central America/Caribbean about the size of Massachusetts but with about 6.1 million people. ​​With only a population of approximately 400,000 people, Belize boasts 3 of the world’s top 50 busiest flight routes. With […]

Category 5 Inflation Is At Our Doorsteps

If you’ve been following my blogs, you’ll know that I’ve been sounding the alarm on inflation for a while. Last year, Wall Street and our policymakers wanted to assure us that everything was under control and that inflation wouldn’t get out of hand. A little over a year ago, when I started making noise about […]

Six Senses Coming To Belize

There’s no question that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the tourism landscape around the world. As the dust settles and the tourism industry adjusts to the new norm, one of the trends emerging from the pandemic is the red-hot demand for social-distanced travel and vacationing.   As we approach the cold winter months in North […]

Backdoor To Tax Savings

Why do investors love Self-Directed Roth IRAs (SDIRAs)? Because they can invest in almost anything they want, including private investments and other alternatives – all tax-free.   Unlike SDIRAs, the knock-on company-sponsored 401(k)s is that:   You can’t invest in the private markets. You can’t invest in anything you want. You’re limited to public mutual […]

Alternatives Now Essential For Every Portfolio

Alternatives Now Essential For Every Portfolio   The high net worth (HNW) and ultrahigh net worth (UHNW) individuals are wealthy because they invest differently than the average individual investor.   Whereas the average investor follows a traditional 60/40 allocation (60% stocks/40% bonds/fixed income) with little to no allocation to alternatives, the wealthy allocate significant portions […]

How Do You Make Investment Decisions?

In his book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking,” author Malcolm Gladwell explores the power of the subconscious mind to make snap judgments and to think without thinking. Blink examines what separates great decision-makers from the poor ones.   Why do some people follow their instincts and win while others end up stumbling into error?   The great […]