Remove Your Investments From Outside Forces

Remove Your Investments From Outside Forces

With everything going on in the world with the Ukraine situation and rising gas prices, it’s easy for Americans to feel helpless or feel things are spiraling out of their control.

Many wonder how they can continue to afford to continue to drive to work. Some wonder if their jobs will be in jeopardy soon with inflation getting out of control and companies seeing their revenues hit from withdrawing Russian operations. Many who planned on retiring soon wonder if their 401k’s will continue to slide in the face of all these external pressures.

It’s easy to point fingers and blame outside forces for our financial problems. We all hope politicians and business decision-makers will make the right choices in the best interest of all Americans, but like many of you, I gave up on that hope a long time ago. The times they make the right decisions are few and far between. That’s why I’ve resigned myself not to depend on or be influenced by decision-makers.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about investing, you should remove the influence of outside forces as much as you can. Wall Street has recently taken investors on quite the roller coaster ride with inflation, Ukraine, politics, and gas prices all having a hand in investment anxiety.

Investors fret about sinking portfolios but refuse to get off the ride. Some feel they’re in too deep to get out now. Others aren’t aware of alternative investments, yet others have just thrown in the towel.

What many investors don’t realize is that they possess the power to remove themselves and their investments out of the hands of outside forces.

Just like the millions of Americans taking power out of state governments’ hands that try to force them to cover their faces by moving to more freedom-loving states, investors can move their capital out of unstable and reactionary public markets to more insulated private markets.

The stock market has taken hit after hit recently because of world events. Still, private alternative assets such as commercial real estate and private company investments have held steady if you’ve paid attention. That’s because these assets are insulated from the herd mentality that plagues the public markets – the madness of the crowds that moves the Wall Street needle on the slightest hint of international conflict, boneheaded political move, or internet buzz and hype.

Don’t let world events drag you or your portfolio down. Understand the power you possess to insulate yourself and your portfolio from outside forces.

Take back your power and take away theirs by moving your assets to safer ground.

​​Move them to the private markets where the crowds and politicians have little sway and invest in assets that generate passive income in any economic environment so you’ll never have to worry about losing your job again.

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