Profit From OFFSHORE Suburban Sprawl

Profit From OFFSHORE Suburban Sprawl

As I travel across the country and meet with investing contemporaries, a comment I often hear is how much the communities they grew up in have grown and how much development has taken place in such a short span.

“If only I had gotten in on the ground floor of all this suburban sprawl, I’d be rich,” they bemoan. “Now it seems there’s nowhere left to grow, no expansion left to invest in,” they tell me.

In the movie Interstellar, Matthew McConaughey plays Cooper, an astronaut whose mission is to find a new home out in space for humans to inhabit because our planet is quickly becoming one big desert where nothing will grow and where life can no longer be supported. So, a small band of astronauts, including Cooper, are tasked with undertaking interstellar travel to find a suitable new home off-planet for the survival of the human species.

One of the messages of Interstellar is when things look the bleakest here on our home planet, we should look to the stars for escape.

​​This brings me back to investing. If we feel like the opportunities to invest in growth and development in our backyards are drying up, why not look beyond our borders for new opportunities? Because while suburban sprawl may be slowing in our own country, it may just be getting started in other countries.

One country with which I’m highly familiar, having lived here for many years, is Belize – where development is red hot for so many reasons.

For one, Belize is quickly becoming a top vacation destination in the Caribbean and Central America for tourists looking for the blue water and the white sand beach experience. Additionally, eco-tourists looking for open space among Belize’s diverse ecosystem will find tropical rain forests, savannah, rivers, coral reefs, and mangroves.

Another reason for accelerating development in Belize is the growth of the ex-pat retirement community drawn to Belize not just for its beauty but for its favorable residency rules for foreigners. As a retirement destination, Belize checks many boxes for potential retirees.

​​Travel Awaits recently listed Ambergris Caye (#4) and Caye Caulker (#14) as two of the “15 Best Islands In The World To Retire On In 2021.”

A stable government and economy are two of the biggest draws for retirees. English is the official language of a former British colony, and its legal system is based on English common law. Moreover, with a cost of living a fraction of that in major U.S. cities, retirement dollars will go a lot further in Belize.

With sandy beaches, crystal blue waters, rain forests, Mayan ruins, diverse flora and wildlife, and a friendly and diverse native population, it’s no wonder tourists and retirees alike are flocking to Belize. And with much of the country still undeveloped wilderness, there is still plenty of room to grow.

If you want to invest in suburban sprawl but feel like the opportunities are drying up on our shores, maybe it’s time to look offshore, where opportunities to get in on the ground floor of development projects with huge potential still exist.

​​And if you’re looking offshore, why not consider red hot Belize, a destination that checks off so many boxes for tourists, retirees, and investors alike.

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