Belize: Investments Worth Visiting

Belize: Investments Worth Visiting

For sophisticated investors, one of the most important tenets of investing is to invest in something you can touch and feel. That’s why ultra-wealthy investors are drawn to tangible assets like real estate and income-producing businesses.
​​The right tangible assets not only create a cash flow, but also appreciate over time, provide significant tax benefits, shield against inflation, and hedge against a complete loss of your investment. Besides these advantages, these assets also allow the investor to drive by and visibly check on their investment if they choose.
Offshore investments offer sophisticated investors the opportunity to diversify their portfolios with assets uncorrelated to other markets.
​​This will hedge against downturns by spreading out cash flow across multiple markets not 100% correlated with one another. In other words, a downturn in one market won’t hamper cash flow in another uncorrelated market.  
Offshore investments may turn off many investors because of the lack of the drive-by inspection benefit, but what if I told you that you could invest in a hot offshore investment in a country with English as the official language, and that is only a two-hour flight away from Miami?
Besides English being its official language, Belize is quickly building momentum as a hot tourist, retirement, and investment destination.
​​There are many appealing aspects, including its diverse ecosystem, the rich variety of flora and fauna, diverse topography including jungles and beaches, pristine beaches, clear water, scuba-diving spots, including the Belize Barrier Reef and the Great Blue Hole, and Mayan ruins.  

  • An investment you can touch and feel?
  • An offshore investment offering diversification to your portfolio?
  • An offshore investment that is a short flight away for inspecting?
  • An investment in an English-speaking Caribbean country with friendly citizens, white sand beaches, and delicious food? 

The COVID-19 pandemic has spurred a surging interest in island getaways – especially ones ideal for social distancing. And among the top destinations for tourists, retirees and investors, Belize continually lands on top-10 lists.
U.S. News recently singled out Belize as one of the best places to retire overseas where English is spoken, pointing out that:

​”Expat communities are well established across Belize, helping to make settling in easy. This is a top choice for beach and nature lovers, and outdoor recreation opportunities are endless, from fishing and scuba diving to trekking and river rafting.” 


Two islands in Belize recently landed on the list of “15 Best Islands In The World To Retire On In 2021” by Both Caulker Caye Island and Ambergris Caye Island were applauded for having:

“​A laid-back vibe but also a sophisticated side.”

​”You’ll find plenty of seaside restaurants and shops as well as live music and upbeat nightlife.”


CNBC recently listed Ambergris Caye Island in Belize as one of 5 Caribbean islands where it’s affordable to live.
​​According to the article:

​”A couple can live comfortably for around $2,950 to $3,150 per month, which includes the rental of a house or apartment, according to International Living.”

For the sophisticated investor, not only does Belize real estate check off all the boxes of an ideal cash-flowing offshore asset, but the beautiful and culturally and ecologically rich country of Belize also offers tourists and retirees so many benefits at an affordable price.
​​On top of all that, Belize also offers investors to place capital with investments worth visiting – just a short flight away.

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