The Time is Now

I’ve been asking more and more prospects who are emerging from this crisis, “If not now, when?” And a lot of them have replied, “Now!

The people who reply “Now!” fit into one of two categories:

  • Savvy investors who have been around the block. They haven’t blinked in this time of crisis.
  • Those people who are tired of being boxed in. They are ready for something new.

For the savvy investors who have been around the block, the crisis has been a social inconvenience but not a financial one. That’s because their fortunes weren’t tied to Wall Street like everyone else – many who panicked and cashed out at the bottom of the market to avoid losing their shirts.

Savvy investors have never been fazed by short-term inconveniences. That’s because they invest for the long-term. There may be short-term hiccups but in the long-term, they know that their investments will always pan out.

Sophisticated investors don’t panic because they don’t put their eggs in the Wall Street basket that flails in the wind. They invest in the private markets in segments that produce income, that grow over time, backed by hard assets, and are recession-proof.

It’s hard not to see why sophisticated investors don’t panic.

With a recession-proof asset that produces income and appreciates no matter the economic environment, there’s no need to worry about getting laid off or running out of cash.


For the other set of prospects who say NOW is the time to invest, they’ve been living in the Wall Street box, and they’re tired of it. They’re looking for something new; they’re looking for innovation.

Maybe these tried and true assets are nothing new to the seasoned investor. Still, to these prospects, alternative investments are innovation, and it’s one they’re willing to undertake to break free of Wall Street volatility.

For investors tired of playing the Wall Street game, they’re tired of leaving their fortunes up to the whims of others where the value of their portfolios has nothing to do with the underlying value of the asset but on crazed masses.

When there’s turmoil in the markets and the press, the herd panics – taking the whole market over the cliff.

These bewildered prospects are looking for innovation – a fresh approach. That’s why NOW is the time to invest. For them, it’s time to look beyond Wall Street.

That’s why private investments appeal to this segment.

Income-producing alternative assets don’t trade on the public markets and aren’t subject to herd mentality. Most have a long-term investment window with long lock-up periods.

People can’t run for the exits if the exits are locked. It’s for the good of all investors because long-term investments allow the underlying business to grow and develop and to bear fruit.

In the long term, cash-flowing tangible assets outperform Wall Street but at a lower risk. The underlying hard asset also means investors can never lose their entire investments.

In the post-crisis investment environment, investors can flee the markets and re-enter at higher prices and face a long uphill battle, or they can do what other investors who are craving innovation do – pivot to an alternative investment that is shielded from recessions.


NOW is the time to invest whether you’re a sophisticated seasoned investor or one tired of being boxed in.

Whether investing in a time of expansion or recession, income-producing tangible assets with proven demand in proven markets will build wealth when the economy is growing and shield income when the economy shrinks.

There’s never a bad time to invest in these assets.


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