Investing Post-Covid-19: Why Belize?

Investing Post-Covid-19: Why Belize?

They say a shock to the system like a plunge in an icy lake or ocean is good for the body. The shock resets reboots the body’s internal systems.

That’s why many people who have taken the Polar Plunge in the middle of a Minnesota winter report feeling physically and mentally invigorated and feeling more alert after their experience.

There’s another reported benefit to a cold shock – boosted immunity.

After the shock, the body is placed on alert and becomes more prepared for outside infringements. It’s not all sunshine and lollipops, though. Be cautious because not all cold plunges are beneficial.

Plungers who stay in too long succumb to the cold and some drown while many others become sick – the reverse intended consequence.

In the past few months, people around the world have experienced a different kind of shock – a financial shock – brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

With stalled economies all over the country, many have found themselves filing for unemployment while others have seen their portfolios shrink. Like a cold shock, this financial shock presents an opportunity for many investors to reset, renew, reboot.

The key to responding to a financial shock is to recognize immediately the need to change directions!

  • How do you prepare for next time?
  • How do you make it, so you don’t have to worry about income during the next downturn?
  • How do you preserve capital?

Those are all questions many investors are now asking themselves in the aftermath of the economic tsunami.

Those who don’t recognize the opportunity to reset can end up wallowing in misery too long and risk dying financially. They end up digging themselves into a hole they cannot climb out of or will take years to recover.

For those ready for a financial renewal, look to the savvy investors who were financially immune to the recent Covid-19 financial fallout.

These investors are heavily invested in alternative investments that produce income and are backed by tangible assets. Because they can never lose their entire investment, they sit back and ride out the storm. They may experience a slight fever from the financial pandemic, but they know they’ll eventually recover.

What would it be like to have the peace of mind of having a recession-insulated income stream backed by a hard asset?


Savvy investors have been turning to income-producing alternatives for years not only for cash flow and security but also for its diversification benefits.

Income-producing alternatives offer the type of diversification public equities can’t provide to insulate income from economic disasters.

Alternatives allow you to diversify across multiple variables:

  • Asset Class.
  • Stage of Development.
  • Investment Vehicle.
  • Type of Return.
  • Holding Period.
  • Geographic Location.

For geographic diversification, many investors are looking offshore. And for offshore investing savvy investors are looking to stable, developing markets like Belize for cash flow and a recession shield.

Here are the reasons why you should consider income-producing real assets in Belize, the only Covid-19 free country in the Americas:

  • Global Diversification – A downturn in one market may not necessarily mean a downturn in another foreign market. Diversifying across multiple foreign markets can insulate your portfolio in a local downturn. However, diversification is meaningless if the country in which you’re investing is prone to economic and political upheaval. Belize is not one of these countries.
  • Appreciation – Belize is an up and coming market. Growth in emerging markets like Belize will, over time, outpace growth in developed economies like the U.S. In other words, Belize has more room to grow and appreciate.
  • Asset Protection – There are only two assets exempt from reporting to the IRS on Form 8938, requiring U.S. taxpayers to report foreign assets – real estate and precious metals. This protects from seizure from not only government entities but potential plaintiffs and creditors as well. An income-producing real asset in Belize would be ideal for asset protection.
  • Stability – A former British outpost, Belize’s official language is English, and its government is based on the British democratic parliamentary system and its courts based on British common law. The result is one of the most politically and economically stable countries in the Caribbean region.

Covid-19 has shocked the financial system.

Investors have a golden opportunity to reset and renew to prepare for the next disaster. How do you immunize and insulate yourself from the next downturn?

Look to cash flowing alternatives backed by real assets.

Diversify across markets – both domestic and foreign.


By investing in Belize, you’ll have the comfort of knowing your capital is protected in a growing economy backed by a stable government.

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