Tourism Indicators Say Belize on the Upswing

Tourism Indicators Say Belize on the Upswing

Every investor knows that the best time to catch an investment wave is on the upswing and not when the wave has peaked.

In the Caribbean, there is one market that is on the rise and gathering momentum that has caught the eyes of celebrities, international hospitality chains, and eco-tourists the world over.

Belize is gathering momentum – backed by reliable tourism indicators – and this is before its new international airport has even launched.

2019 was another banner year for Belize tourism, with a more than 2% increase in overnight arrivals.

Since 2015, the total number of overnight arrivals has seen a steady increase.

 The increase in overnight visitors has occurred both by air


… and by sea.

So, where are all these tourists coming from? According to the latest data, more than 70% are coming from the United States and Canada.

The high number of North American tourists can be partly attributed to English being the official language of Belize.

It’s not just tourists that are flocking to Belize. Retirees from the United States are also drawn to Belize for its climate, affordable housing, and stable political and legal system.

For all these reasons, the Belize real estate market is poised to boom. It is far from peaking and is still full of values and opportunities.
Here’s what’s drawing investors to Belize:

  • A former British colony, English as the official language and British common law, is the foundation of the legal system.
  • Tourism is booming with eco-tourism leading the charge and with a new international airport on the way.
  • Real estate bargains can still be found. A two-bedroom beachfront condo can be obtained for $350,000 compared to $525,000- $725,000 in Barbados and Grand Cayman.

If you’re a passive income investor seeking to diversify and get in on the ground floor of exciting real estate opportunities to generate consistent cash flow and profit from long-term appreciation, you’ll want to consider Belize.


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