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Should You Be Investing In Alternatives?

Alternative investments aren’t for everyone – especially investments in private companies. ​​Although potentially rewarding, private investments can also carry significant risk. Elite investors understand this, but they also understand that these risks can be mitigated significantly in the right assets and in the right hands – potentially offering higher returns than public options but at lower […]

Consider Offshore Retiring And Investing

As Baby Boomers retire in droves, many are downsizing their homes to reduce their expenses to free up money to enjoy things like traveling, recreational activities, and spending time with family. Many are moving into manufactured homes, apartments and other affordable options.   With 2020 in the rearview mirror and the pandemic has altered our […]

Demand is Building: Be Ready

The levels of demand for travel – especially cruise travel – is off the charts. Worldwide lockdowns, social distancing, and travel bans have created an unprecedented demand for cruise travel once the government and industry restrictions begin to lift. In a recent study by the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA), participants were asked: “If the […]

The Only Thing To Fear Is Fear

On Monday, October 26, 2020, a headline on read: It’s been years since investors have been this fearful of a stock market crash, Nobel-winning economist warns.   In the article (paraphrasing an article in the New York Times), Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and Yale professor, cautions about the dangers of investing in the top-heavy stock […]

Parking Capital for 2021+

When someone tells me something is free I always ask them what’s the catch. Nothing’s ever free – like free lunches paid by taxpayers.   Take for instance the government’s $2 trillion economic stimulus package launched in April to help struggling individuals, families, and businesses reeling from the COVID-19 lockdown.   Those checks, loans, and […]

What The Richest Are Investing In

According to two recent surveys – one by UBS of family offices worldwide (average $1.1B in investable assets) and the other by high-net-worth social network Tiger 21 of its members (average of $100M in investable assets) – the ultra-rich have recently increased their allocations to an asset they have long favored in their portfolios.   What is that asset? […]

Never Invest Privately Without a PPM

Investing in a private company is very different from investing in a public company.   Although public companies are required to disclose vital information about their company to the investing public through a prospectus, Main Street investors ignore these disclosures.   That’s because most Main Street investors aren’t interested in the minute details about the […]