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Alternatives Now Essential For Every Portfolio

Alternatives Now Essential For Every Portfolio   The high net worth (HNW) and ultrahigh net worth (UHNW) individuals are wealthy because they invest differently than the average individual investor.   Whereas the average investor follows a traditional 60/40 allocation (60% stocks/40% bonds/fixed income) with little to no allocation to alternatives, the wealthy allocate significant portions […]

Belize: Investments Worth Visiting

For sophisticated investors, one of the most important tenets of investing is to invest in something you can touch and feel. That’s why ultra-wealthy investors are drawn to tangible assets like real estate and income-producing businesses.   ​​The right tangible assets not only create a cash flow, but also appreciate over time, provide significant tax benefits, […]

Traditional vs. New Investments

When it comes to investing, sometimes boring is the best course – especially if a particular asset has a solid track record as a proven workhorse. ​​Traditional investments might be boring to the cyber-connected crowd who are constantly chasing the next big thing, but why mess with something that works?   Meme stocks and cryptocurrencies […]

Timing The Markets Exposed

When it comes to investing, do you consider yourself a short-term investor or a long-term investor? The answer to this question will likely describe your investing style. Long-term investors prefer a buy-and-hold strategy where the ups and downs of the markets are ironed out over time, providing a reliable and predictable return.   Another name for a […]

Both Sides In The U.S. Expect Inflation

Both sides of the aisle don’t agree on much these days. However, there appears to be one subject that some members on both sides see eye to eye on, and that is:  inflation. “McConnell lauds Bill Clinton’s treasury secretary for hyperinflation warning.” – Apple News. What started as a whisper at the beginning of this year has turned […]

The Key Element That Attracts People To Belize

Belize is a country of diversity… ​​Not only is it known for variety of geology and biodiversity but also for cultural diversity. Tourists and immigrants may be initially drawn to Belize for its biodiversity and topography, but its multicultural diversity makes tourists want to return, and immigrants want to stay. Belize is known for its high biodiversity for a small country […]

The One Unshakeable

The wealthy are known to zig when everyone else zags. In the early days of COVID, as the economy shut down, while many lost their jobs or suffered economic hardship, the wealthiest did not suffer any setbacks. Instead, they were making aggressive investment moves while everyone else sat back and waited. When stimulus checks hit, as […]

Ignoring Inflation Will Ruin Your Retirement

Inflation can turn into a big problem in 2021. Top economists and even the Fed chief are sounding the alarm. Why should investors be worried about inflation? Inflation can ruin retirement in more ways than one. If your retirement is concentrated in a 401(k), mutual fund, or stocks, ignoring inflation could jeopardize your retirement because inflation is […]