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What The Richest Are Investing In

According to two recent surveys – one by UBS of family offices worldwide (average $1.1B in investable assets) and the other by high-net-worth social network Tiger 21 of its members (average of $100M in investable assets) – the ultra-rich have recently increased their allocations to an asset they have long favored in their portfolios.   What is that asset? […]

Never Invest Privately Without a PPM

Investing in a private company is very different from investing in a public company.   Although public companies are required to disclose vital information about their company to the investing public through a prospectus, Main Street investors ignore these disclosures.   That’s because most Main Street investors aren’t interested in the minute details about the […]


One of the most famous former residents of Belize, (notorious if you ask some people), John McAfee, has been in the news lately regarding his once bold claim back in 2017 that Bitcoin would reach a price of $1 million.   He famously wagered on Twitter that he would eat his own “unprintable body part” […]

Private vs. Public Real Estate Investing

Commercial real estate is a big draw for investors for two main reasons – cash flow and appreciation. When it comes to cash flow, in the public sector, income is distributed in the form of dividends with commercial real estate REITs representing the vast majority of dividend-paying stocks. In the private sector where the majority of private […]

Investing for Comfort in Comfort

The Covid-19 pandemic has made people uncomfortable in more ways than one: ​​The discomfort of home confinement. ​The discomfort of wearing masks in public. T​he discomfort of financial uncertainty. The financial uncertainty is what I would like to touch upon. Financial disasters tend to wreak havoc on people’s comfort levels. Many lose their jobs, many watch […]