Financial Strategy

Alternatives Now Essential For Every Portfolio

Alternatives Now Essential For Every Portfolio   The high net worth (HNW) and ultrahigh net worth (UHNW) individuals are wealthy because they invest differently than the average individual investor.   Whereas the average investor follows a traditional 60/40 allocation (60% stocks/40% bonds/fixed income) with little to no allocation to alternatives, the wealthy allocate significant portions […]

How Do You Make Investment Decisions?

In his book “Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking,” author Malcolm Gladwell explores the power of the subconscious mind to make snap judgments and to think without thinking. Blink examines what separates great decision-makers from the poor ones.   Why do some people follow their instincts and win while others end up stumbling into error?   The great […]

Traditional vs. New Investments

When it comes to investing, sometimes boring is the best course – especially if a particular asset has a solid track record as a proven workhorse. ​​Traditional investments might be boring to the cyber-connected crowd who are constantly chasing the next big thing, but why mess with something that works?   Meme stocks and cryptocurrencies […]

What Is Wealth?

We as a society are obsessed with the lifestyles of the rich and famous. ​​That is why we’re interested in the lives of athletes, actors, singers and other celebrities. Part of it can be attributed to envy. Some of us want to have the lifestyles that these public figures project onto their fans.   ​​At the […]

Timing The Markets Exposed

When it comes to investing, do you consider yourself a short-term investor or a long-term investor? The answer to this question will likely describe your investing style. Long-term investors prefer a buy-and-hold strategy where the ups and downs of the markets are ironed out over time, providing a reliable and predictable return.   Another name for a […]