Due Diligence

 Ways To Build A Portfolio You Won’t Lose Sleep Over

Last year when COVID-19 hit our shores, it shook up the markets in ways not seen since the Great Recession. As the country shut down, the stock market lost a third of its value. Millions of investors lost sleep as they saw their portfolios shattered. They followed Wall Street’s diversification strategy. Wasn’t diversification supposed to […]

Should You Be Investing In Alternatives?

Alternative investments aren’t for everyone – especially investments in private companies. ​​Although potentially rewarding, private investments can also carry significant risk. Elite investors understand this, but they also understand that these risks can be mitigated significantly in the right assets and in the right hands – potentially offering higher returns than public options but at lower […]

Consider Offshore Retiring And Investing

As Baby Boomers retire in droves, many are downsizing their homes to reduce their expenses to free up money to enjoy things like traveling, recreational activities, and spending time with family. Many are moving into manufactured homes, apartments and other affordable options.   With 2020 in the rearview mirror and the pandemic has altered our […]

2021 Predictions For Travel

As the rollout of COVID-19 vaccines is accelerated, we can finally begin the return to normalcy – in business, social situations, school, and travel. Life will never be the same post-COVID, but what can we expect to see in the travel industry in 2021? Any emerging trends we should be aware of? After a year of lockdowns […]

Don’t Follow The Masses

Following the masses is a dangerous investment strategy. In the field of behavioral finance, there’s a term for this phenomenon – herd mentality bias.   Herd mentality bias refers to investors’ tendency to follow what other investors are doing. The problem with herd mentality bias is investors’ investing choices are driven by emotion and instinct instead […]

Belize: How To Finance Your Real Estate

Belize is an attractive destination for foreigners looking to acquire a vacation home or investment property. For one, there are no restrictions on foreigners owning property in Belize as they have the same property rights as Belizean citizens. There are also significant tax benefits to owning real estate in Belize. For instance, there are no capital gains taxes. Any […]

To Crypto Or Not To Crypto

Bitcoin has been on a tear recently. Currently trading at $38,319.59 it has almost quadrupled in price since September of last year. Not coincidentally, the Dow is also trading at all-time highs. To me, it looks like a severe case of fear of missing out, with stock and crypto prices skyrocketing for no apparent underlying economic […]