11 Things To Do in Belize in 2024

Belize is truly the crown jewel of the Caribbean.  Its many natural and man-made wonders demand repeat viewing.  With so much to see and do, most visitors can’t wait to come back, with some even opting to stay for good.
There’s something to do for everyone in Belize.  Whether you’re into eco-tourism, sand and surf, archaeological wonders, wellness retreats, wildlife adventures, exploring, cultural immersion, or marine excursions, just to name a few ideas, Belize is your perfect landing spot.
While Belize is the crown jewel of the Caribbean, Ambergris Caye is the crown jewel of Belize. 
Here is just a sample of things to do in and around Belize and in and around Ambergris Caye:
Dive at the Great Blue Hole
Popular with divers around the world, the Great Blue Hole is a giant marine sinkhole off the coast of Belize in the easternmost part of the Belize Barrier Reef.  The circular is 984 feet across and 410 feet deep, and despite its depth, it has great visibility that allows divers to see amazing marine wildlife and even cave formations.
Cave Tubing or Kayaking
Cave tubing and kayaking are two of the most unique ways to explore Mayan history, culture, and the jungle and river landscapes in which both evolved.  There’s a Mayan word, “Xibalba,” for this hidden world that includes ancient ceremonial caves, some featuring human remains, pottery, and crystal skulls.  
Guided tours on tubes, kayaks, or canoes are popular in Belize, and most will likely include exploration of Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave (universally known as ATM), which is regarded as the #1 “Top 10 Sacred Caves in the World” by National Geographic.  Barton Creek Cave and Caves Branch are also popular destinations.  Guided tours can be as adventurous as you choose, with some including hiking, swimming, wading, crawling, and zip-lining.
Take a Sunset Cruise
After a day of adventure, taking a sunset cruise to enjoy the beautiful Belize sunset is the perfect end to a perfect day.  Hopping aboard a motorized catamaran boat from the town of San Pedro at the southern tip of Ambergris Caye for a cruise on the turquoise waters along the second-largest barrier reef in the world is the ideal ending to a memorable day.  Some excursions even provide dinner and drinks to take care of all of your needs.
Take a Day Trip to Caye Caulker 
While Ambergris Caye is the top destination for tourists with its world-class accommodations, taking a 30-minute ferry ride for a day trip to Caye Caulker is a trip worth taking.  Caye Caulker is more laid back and has a lot to offer for a brief excursion, including a variety of shops, street foods, swimming in “The Split” (the narrow body of water separating north and south Caye Caulker), and the tarpon feed experience.
Visit Local Shops L​ike the Belizean Arts 
Local shops like Belizean Arts offer visitors the opportunity to experience local Belizean art and culture.  Belizean Arts is a gallery in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, that has been open for over 30 years and features local Caribbean paintings, art, sculptures, jewelry, and more by local artists.
Experience Wildlife on a Jungle Tour
Belize is rich in biodiversity, with an amazing diversity of plants and animals.  With 60% of the country being forested, Belize is home to more than 125 species of mammals alone and hosts a wide array of birds, reptiles, and fish as well.  Species that can be found in Belize include the harpy eagle, Baird’s tapir, jaguar, howler monkey, and scarlet macaw, with species found nowhere else on Earth, including the Maya Mountains frog and the Maya knobtail dragonfly.  Jungle tours offered through dense rainforests are an ideal way to see Belize’s diverse wildlife firsthand.
Explore Mayan Ruins
Because of its pleasant weather, rich soils, and abundance of marine life in the rivers and estuaries, as well as the offshore Belize Barrier Reef, the Mayans made the area that is now Belize the heartland of their empire.  During this ancient time, large cities were built that housed hundreds of thousands of people. The Maya used the Belize River as a “super highway” to transport goods throughout the country and connect with the big city-states in Guatemala.

When in Belize, be sure to explore the popular and well-excavated ruins of Caracol, Xunantunich, Lamanai, Nim Li Punit, and Altun Ha.  Those are just the excavated ruins.  Stay tuned, as many other large cities are still awaiting excavation in the jungles and rainforests that have already been identified from aerial photography and LIDAR. (cahalpech.com).
Experience Belize’s Multicultural Dining
Belize is a melting pot of cultures that includes Spanish, Caribbean, Mexican, British, Mayan, Indian, Chinese, and African influences that contribute to a rich and diverse dining experience.  To experience Belize’s rich culinary culture, order exotic dishes on Ambergris Caye at local favorite dining spots like Estel’s Dine By the Sea, Taco Shack, BlueWater Grill, Elvi’s Kitchen, The Truck Stop, and many more.
Spend the Day at Secret Beach
The one-time “secret” beach is no longer a secret and is one of the most popular destinations on Ambergris Caye. For getting away from the hustle and bustle of San Pedro Town, Secret Beach is the perfect destination for relaxing on a sandy beach parked next to crystal blue water.  If you decide to leave your lounge chair for a stroll, the shore is packed with a festive atmosphere, great food, drinks, and live entertainment. 
Snorkel at Shark Ray Alley
Located just one mile south of the Hol Chan cut and listed as “Zone D” of the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Shark Ray Alley is a top snorkeling location that offers you the opportunity to snorkel beside stingrays, nurse sharks, and turtles. 

​Fly Fish for Permit, Tarpon, or Bonefish

The waters of Ambergris Caye and the seemingly endless expanse of flats surrounding the island are home to some of the best permit, tarpon, and bonefish fly fishing in the world.  For the serious angler, it’s one of the rare spots that consistently produces “Grand Slams” (catching a bonefish, a permit, and a tarpon on a fly in the same day). (angleradventures.com)
Belize is home to a diverse and rich culture of warm and friendly locals, multicultural dining, a wide variety of natural beauty, and a diversity of animals and plants that offers something for everyone. 

​​Whether chilling on a beach, taking a deep sea dive, or exploring jungles and Mayan ruins, discover for yourself what’s attracting more and more visitors to Belize each day.